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My sweet, sweet Mike,

I feel you think I'm asking too much of you right now.  You'd be amazed to know what I really want, though.
 I'm turned on by life's simple pleasures.  I'm not high maintainence ... <G>.  I want to be helpful in a moment
of need.  I want to share my insights, knowledge, opinions and feelings .  I want to experience Nature in all its
spiritual beauty.  I want to enjoy myself and my family and give my furry companions a very decent life.  I want
optimum health and fitness and the energy to enjoy life.  I look at people much older than I am and wonder
what it is like to be 10, 20, 30 or more years older than I am right now. When I am *there* I want an "old"
man to look at this "old" lady with love and respect and to *want* to continue to be with me until the end.
I want to know that I matter, that I make a difference in someone's life.  I want to be appreciated for what I
can do and give.  In the present I need "just a little bit more".  Surprise!  That does not automatically mean a
full time relationship.  I admit I was ahead of you at first and I've learned to cool my jets (somewhat :*])  I
value your friendship.  Ask me to do something for you.  Ask me to help you in some way.  Ask me to go on
a walk with Puppers and Snoopy.  Ask me to moon and star watch some cool night under a blanket.  Call me
just to say hi....that you were thinking of me.  Call me to tell me about your day.  Call me when you're out of
town before you go to sleep. Of course you don't have to call every day, silly ... just let me know you are
alive and well.  Show me a workout move or routine or give me some exercise advice.  Spin me around the
park on rollerblades.  I'd enjoy trying that again.  I don't want all of your time; just a little bit of it.