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I am about 3 months old.
I weigh 6 pounds already.
Of course I use the litter box on my own
and chow down on dry cat food.
I, too, arrived undercover . . . unannounced . . .
The daughter's best friend did it this time.
Mom really likes me.  You will, too, once you get to know me.  I'm so CUUUTE!
Actually, Mom likes ALL THE KITTENS.
Mom is between a rock and a hard place with all the pets, with selling the house, with moving somewhere else.

OK!  If THIS picture doesn't do it for you, then at least tell all your friends about these three adorable, soft, cuddly, friendly, purry kittens.

 Last chance to ask our Mom to let you adopt one or two, or three of us!

Update 8/15/99
Rabble has been adopted
into a family with 4 children!

Update 8/21/99
"My Boys" were adopted together today!